AS274: David Smalley of Dogma Debate and Andrew Torrez

Listeners will know I’ve been very critical of a particular exchange David had with Andrew, so I feel absolutely obligated to give David the chance to come on the show to provide his point of view. The result is an unedited conversation between the 3 of us. Andrew and I did some commentary afterward on

Here’s the screenshot Andrew mentioned.

Here’s the PDF of the original confrontation.

AS273: The Marketplace of Ideas, with Peter Coffin

Here’s part 2 of my discussion with Peter Coffin! In this one, we finish up talking free speech and then wade into the topic of his second mini doc. This one is about what created Trump and Peter’s opinion on the marketplace of ideas.

Free Speech Video
Trump Marketplace of Ideas Video

AS272: Comedian, Satirist, Weirdo… Peter Coffin

Joining me for an extensive and wide ranging interview is comedian, youtuber, and satirist Peter Coffin! Peter has been making high quality and thought provoking mini documentaries on youtube recently, which you can find here. The first we discuss is a video that reflects on free speech and whether or not unfettered free speech is possible. The second, which we discuss in part 2, is related to the concept of a marketplace of ideas. I highly advise watching the videos before listening to these episodes!

Free Speech Video
Trump Marketplace of Ideas Video

AS271: Living Up To Smalley’s Message

I’ve gotten quite a few requests that I comment on David Smalley’s debate with PZ Meyers, so in today’s episode I do just that. Smalley has a message of putting aside our petty differences in service of the atheism movement as a whole. Find the Patheos article here. Find out my take on his post and on his debate, and whether or not David has lived up to his own message. As a hint, see the attached PDF.

PDF of the Smalley-Torrez interaction

The above interaction was on a public Facebook post and is viewable by anyone, so I’m PDFing it for ease.

AS270: Rondale and Jabari, Part 2

We’ve got even more of the great discussion between Rondale and Jabari. This time we talk about, in addition to other things, racism as a term and how it is being defined. We also briefly discuss the Ellen Usain Bolt picture and whether or not the pushback was warranted or productive.

AS269: Rondale and Jabari on Black Lives Matter

This week I’m very excited to bring you a discussion between Rondale and Jabari, two black atheists who have differing views on Black Lives Matter and on race in America in general. I also interject a question and comment here and there to keep discussion going as well. I want to give a HUGE thank you to both guests for being willing to come on and discuss such a controversial topic as this, and for providing the audience and me with so much to think about!

Part 2 is early for patrons over at!

AS268: Tommentary: Is BLM Trash? Is Ellen Racist?

It’s been so long since I’ve been able to do some Tommentarying! I’ve had so many great interviews lately, but today is a chance for me to get my thoughts out on a few issues buzzing around. Rubin has gone even further off the deep end in my opinion, with a climate change denier guest and then a trans woman who hates feminism and Black Lives Matter. I examine her claims and some of her points. Then I get a chance to address a comment which vehemently disagreed with me. I appreciate comments of disagreement and never want to be an echo chamber!

AS267: Just How Close Was Al Gore to Being President?

Andrew Torrez is here to tell you, he was REALLY REALLY close. Andrew takes us through the background politically and through was he views as some mistakes the campaign made that cost Gore the election and maybe America, dearly. Andrew also takes us through the legal intricacies and implications of the election and Bush v. Gore.

After that there’s an EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! Hint, it has something to do with this link.

AS266: Was Richard Carrier Wrong About Evo Psych?

Here’s part 2 with Lindsey and her defense of evolutionary psychology against the incredibly critical attack featured on this show several months back. We get into even more interesting territory!

AS265: A Defense of Evolutionary Psychology

Some time ago, I had Richard Carrier on to discuss an article he wrote that harshly criticized Evolutionary Psychology as a pseudo-science. Well, at long last, we now get a chance to hear from the  other side! Joining me is someone with deep knowledge of the field. A listener named Lindsey! She shares her credentials in the show, after I totally forget to ask her them.

Check out the Google Drive folder Lindsey set up with links!

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